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We feel responsibility - Cowell

Simon Cowell has said he feels a responsibility towards the young contestants on Britain's Got Talent and would not put them on stage if he thought they would be miserable.

The show has been criticised, by Sir Bruce Forsyth amongst others, for putting young acts under pressure.

But Simon told DJ Steve Wright that his decision on whether to feature young acts was often influenced by meeting the children's parents.

Speaking on Wright's Radio 2 show, he said: "If you've got a really pushy stage mum and the kid is miserable we never put those people through, because you really feel it's about the mums and the dads rather than the kids."

He added: "I take it seriously that we have a responsibility and the last thing you want is anyone to look at this experience as a horrible time."

Simon said his "gut feeling" was that teenage comic Jack Carroll and Hungarian shadow theatre group Attraction were the favourites to win, but added: "We could be in for a shock."


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