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Webb: I give audience a ticking off

Robert Webb has warned he may name and shame members of the audience who play with their mobile phones during his new play featuring Jeeves and Wooster.

The Peep Show star and Green Wing's Mark Heap have taken over from Stephen Mangan and Matthew Macfadyen in the roles of Bertie Wooster and his butler Jeeves in West End show Perfect Nonsense, a play adapted from PG Wodehouse's novels.

Robert revealed: "Things that audiences do will be surprising. The other night somebody had a phone out. I don't think people quite realise that when you're in a totally dark theatre, if you turn on your phone you will light up about six rows from where I'm standing.

"Bertie does talk to the audience a bit in this show, so I do have a little bit of licence to tell people off if their phones go off.

"But it happened at the completely the wrong moment the other night, sadly, otherwise I'd have torn a strip off the lady!"

Mark added: "So beware!"

But comedian Robert added: "S peaking as someone who hates audience participation, I do talk to them but they're not expected to do anything.

!I talk to them, I just don't want them to talk back, I couldn't be less interested in them talking back. Do come to see the show if you hate talking back, you will not be expected to talk back."

Along with co-star Mark Hadfield, Mark Heap plays all the other characters in the play, male and female.

He admitted: "Sometimes it feels like a one-man show, there are so many quick changes and other characters . There are only three of us doing the show, which is nine or 10 characters."

Robert added: "I only play Bertie which is very nice for me, I just stand on stage wondering who the next person to come through the door will be and usually it's the right person in the right costume."

Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense is showing at the Duke Of York's Theatre in London until September 20, 2014.


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