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Wechsler: Emily can't have Jack

Revenge star Nick Wechsler has revealed if he had his way his character Jack Porter would never get together with Emily Thorne.

Emily VanCamp stars as the vengeful Emily Thorne in the E4 drama which is about to return for a fourth series - and fans have long been wanting to see Emily and childhood friend Jack give into their feelings and get together.

But Nick revealed: "If I had my way. It would probably not even happen, or if it happened it would not happen like you'd think.

"It sends a weird message about revenge, it sends an irresponsible message. If she chooses that path and then just at the end, gets the dude and he's stupidly waiting for her at the end of the journey, then it feels like she got to have her cake and eat it too. And there were no real consequences for her getting what she wanted. She still got what she wanted - the carrot that we dangle the whole time - 'Okay, you can have it, even though you chose revenge, you didn't choose Jack.' Which is what the audience is wishing she'd do. If she abandons her plans for revenge then she earns him.

"And what would it look like if they were just dating? Would anybody watch the show if they were just dating?!" he teased.

The US show, based on the Count of Monte Cristo, sees Emily - who is really Amanda Clarke, the daughter of terrorist David Clarke - set out to exact revenge on the people who framed her now late father for a terror attack.

The end of season four saw Emily's other love interest Aiden killed, and in another dramatic twist as season four begins her identity is revealed to everyone, including Jack.

Nick, 36, teased: " Aiden is a huge loss, not just for the show, but obviously for Emily. S o at the risk of sounding crass, the giant void that he leaves creates an opportunity for them [Jack and Emily] at some point, when it's time...."

Revenge returns to E4 on Monday January 5 at 9pm.


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