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West: There'll be more of The Hour

Dominic West is looking forward to a third season on The Hour.

The British actor, who plays news anchorman Hector Madden in the BBC series, has just completed filming the second series but reckons there will be more to come.

"That's been a very long four months so I'm just having a break now. We're only eight or nine months after where we left off so we're still at 1958. We've still got all the sixties to go," he said.

Dominic, who recently starred in sci-fi epic John Carter, is open to the possibility of doing more films during his TV hiatus.

"The thing is I've got a wife and kids now so it's difficult to go all over the shop. I tend to do work I can do from home. But now so many films are coming to London, it's a pretty good time so hopefully I will catch a bit of that," he added.


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