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Whitehall would offer Bad Education

Jack Whitehall has said in another life he would have liked to have been a teacher - but may have been a bit too similar to his Bad Education character Alfie Wickers.

The comedian writes and stars in the BBC Three sitcom about a terrible teacher who has just started his career and sees his students more as his friends.

Asked what he would have done if he wasn't a comedian, Jack said: "I like to think that I might be a teacher. I have a great deal of admiration for teachers in this country and people that can do it. I don't know whether I'd be any good, but it's certainly a profession that I admire.

"I wouldn't be that dissimilar to Alfie if I was a teacher. I'd probably be quite tragic."

He also said the third series was likely to be the last: "Three series seems like a good number for a sitcom, but one never wants to rule anything out just in case I change my mind. But at the end of the series I think there is enough closure for the fans of the show to be satisfied.

"It's not a sad ending, but it is the end of a nice emotional journey. We've been together as a cast for three years and it was a bit like saying goodbye. I was a little bit emotional, but obviously I didn't cry because I'm a bloke and blokes don't cry... I cry all the time. So I was welling up a bit."

Jack works with Harry Enfield on the third series and said: "Harry's been one of my heroes for ages so working with him is just incredible and you do learn so much from him. The most you can want from an actor in a sitcom that you've written is someone that can bring extra laughs, raise the dialogue to something better than what you've written on the page and Harry does that every time.

"He's so funny, he's got one of the most amazing, malleable faces of any comedy actor I've ever worked with and it's just a joy to watch him at work. He's a very talented man. Very peculiar, but very talented."

Bad Education returns to BBC Three on September 16.

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