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Whitehead: Guns help me to dive

Richard Whitehead has said that he hopes Splash! viewers will be able to appreciate how he has played to his strengths to reach the final of the contest.

The Paralympian is in the final of ITV's diving competition this weekend and said he hoped his success would inspire others to get into sport.

He said: "With my impairment being so visual, you can see that I'm a double leg amputee, that I haven't got any legs from the knees down.

"So an armstand to use 'the guns' was really important that people realised I've maximised my strengths. In the final I show everybody that I'm going to do something completely different in one of my dives and really push myself to the limit."

Richard continued: "Splash! has come at the right time with the Olympic and Paralympic legacy.

"Hopefully, it opens up lots of doors for me to continue to help other people get into sport."

He added that Tom Daley had been a great coach on the programme and could have a future in coaching professionally.

"I've had some world-class trainers in my time and Tom, I'm sure, after his professional diving career will get into coaching because he's got a natural talent for that."

Richard takes on Keith Duffy, Dan Osborne and Perri Kiely in the Splash! final tonight (February 15).


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