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Who was the biggest winner at the Golden Globe Awards? Well according to social media it was Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan's beard...

Fifty Shades of Grey star whipped fans up in a frenzy as he walked the red carpet sporting a beard "hand-crafted by angels" at the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards.

The star-studded Golden Globes celebrate the most talented actors and actresses who have graced the big and small screen in the past year.

But social media went in to meltdown - and were steadfast in their decision that in fact, Holywood born actor Jamie Dornan was the ultimate winner thanks to his beard.

Twitter was full of pictures of The Fall actor's facial hair with many fans appearing to struggle to cope with what they were seeing.

One fan said it was "sent down to us as a gift from God"  and "hand-crafted by angels" while another gushed, "I'm actually convinced that Jamie Dornan's beard is the supreme rule of all beards and all other beards must pay tribute to it."

While another said it was Jamie's beard that got her through her day.

It even inspired one Twitter user, that if Dornan sported a beard in the hotly-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey film- they would go to see it.

And for others it left a lasting impression as some hours later they were, "still thinking about Jamie Dornan's beard."

And it wasn't just the Co Down man that was winning praise for his bearded efforts - fellow actors Matthew McConaughey, Joshua Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal, while they were all dressed in their finery in razor sharp suits, once again it was their facial hair that attracted the most attention.


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