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Why new series of Cold Feet is just the job for Jimmy Nesbitt

By Allan Preston

Cold Feet star James Nesbitt has hinted at what fans can expect for the new series of the hit show.

The Coleraine-born actor resumed his role as Adam last year to glowing reviews after a 13-year break, along with Fay Ripley, John Thomson, Hermione Norris and Robert Bathurst.

The Manchester-set comedy drama first aired in 1997, following the many romantic headaches faced by three couples.

Following weeks of "will they, won't they" towards the end of the last series, Nesbitt's character has finally agreed to give things a go with his landlord Tina.

"I think people will have been concerned about who replaced Rachel (Adam's late wife played by Helen Baxendale) or who was trying to capture Adam's heart, and I think the build on that was very good," said Nesbitt.

"I think that people really did take to Tina and there was an optimism, but just when things are possibly going smoothly, the obstacles are those that Adam put there himself."

Nesbitt with Ceallach Spellman as his son

Added to the mix, Adam "finally gets a job", with Nesbitt joking "I've never been entirely sure what he does". Reflecting on the show's return last year after such a long break, the actor admitted there were initial nerves about living up to the high expectations.

"I think there was apprehension, but what was amazing about the last one (series) is that actually having not seen each other for years, it was immediate," he said.

"We were very relaxed with each other."

Cold Feet returns to ITV on Friday, September 8.

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