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Will Ferrell regrets snubbing Harrison Ford dinner date


Will Ferrell during filming of The Graham Norton Show

Will Ferrell during filming of The Graham Norton Show

Will Ferrell during filming of The Graham Norton Show

Will Ferrell is still kicking himself after turning Harrison Ford down for a dinner date.

The two worked together on 2013 movie Anchorman 2, with Ferrell reprising the role of Run Burgundy and Ford cameoing as a legendary newsman.

Appearing on the Graham Norton Show alongside Mark Wahlberg, Ferrell recalled: " He was shooting on the first day of Anchorman 2 and we were all very nervous to be working with him. He was taking his make-up off and he asked if I wanted to go to dinner.

"I'm normally really vigilant when working about getting early nights so I said, 'No, I'm good. I have something in my trailer.' Then he leaves and I realise I'd just turned down Harrison Ford in favour of a Styrofoam box of food provided by catering.

"I saw him the next day and tried to reciprocate but we worked until three in the morning so the moment was lost."

Ferrell then appealed to the Star Wars actor, saying: "It was just an honest mistake and if I could ever make it up to you Harrison..."

The Daddy's Home actor also discussed his willingness to strip on-screen, telling Graham Norton: "I've taken my top off in about 97% of my movies - not all, but close to it."

For one film, 2003 comedy Old School, he appeared naked in public - and gave people looking through the window quite a scare.

He said: "We were shooting on a street where there was a gym with people on treadmills. I was rehearsing in a robe and I said to the assistant producer, 'Should we tell these people what is going to happen?'

"When 'action' was shouted and I took off the robe there were shrieks and by take three, I cleared the gym they were so grossed out!"

:: The Graham Norton Show airs on BBC One on December 31 at 10.45pm.