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Will Ferrell worried The House director was 'ruining takes' with laughter

The actor really enjoyed working with the first-time filmmaker.

Comedian Will Ferrell was concerned director Andrew Jay Cohen was "ruining takes" during filming of The House as he was laughing a little too hard on set.

The new movie features Ferrell and Amy Poehler as cash-strapped parents who decide to turn their home into an illegal casino to cover the costs of their daughter's college tuition, and first-time filmmaker Cohen found their performances so hilarious, Ferrell feared they would have to make a lot of cuts in the editing room.

"I've never worked with a more energetic, exuberant director than Andrew," he told "Sometimes you hear him off camera going, 'Yes, Yes!', and I'm worried he's ruining takes. (I'm thinking), 'We're going to have to loop a lot of it because you're going to hear Andrew in the background.'"

Despite his concerns as a producer of the project, Ferrell insists he really enjoyed Cohen's enthusiasm for the movie.

"He's so excited every day, I don't think you see that much with directors," he continued. "Usually comedy directors are trying to play it cool and he's so excited about what kind of shot we are going to do.

"I love it, it's a great way to remind you of how lucky we are to still make movies that make people laugh, and he's doing an excellent job. For a first-time guy he really knows his stuff. He knows how he wants the scenes to be shot technically, and he works really well with our DP (director of photography). He also doesn't have so much ego that if we decide to change course because we're not feeling comfortable, he will say, 'Great, what do you think will work?'"

While Ferrell was encouraged by Cohen's work, it seems members of the public don't share the same feeling.

The House has been savaged by critics since its U.S. release last week (30Jun17), and it failed to attract fans during its opening weekend (30Jun17-02Jul17), grossing just $9 million (£6.9 million), marking Ferrell's lowest box office performance in 18 years.

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