Belfast Telegraph Online 'hater' slurs stifling honest opinion

The Voice star has said social media has made people more "sensitive" and scared to tell the truth.

The US producer said people were quick to judge someone as a "hater" for expressing their opinion.

His fellow coach on the hit BBC One show, Paloma Faith, said she thought the contestants were more "resilient" to abuse on social networks.

The Smoke And Mirrors singer said: "I feel like social media has put them into a resilient state because they are all on social media and people can get quite abusive on there. So they've all got thicker skins than, say, our generation who take everything personally."

But said: "Actually, social media has made people more sensitive and no one likes to tell the truth because now you're deemed a hater just by saying your opinion."

Cody Frost, one of Boy George's three finalists, said she took any negative comments "on the chin".

"I've not really had that many bad things people have said about me yet so if it is negative I just take it on the chin," she said.

"You can't take yourself too seriously at this sort of thing. They are never going to know who you are and sometimes they don't want to know."

The coaches were speaking ahead of the start of the live shows and Faith said she believed this year could be the year a contestant could go on to have chart success.

The star said: "They're very creative people, a very high calibre of proper artists. Everybody on my team writes songs a lot."

Boy George added fans of Duran Duran and David Bowie would "love" his trio's efforts this week.

"We are going to have a few surprises - I'm very excited about our song choices."

:: The Voice is broadcast on Saturday on BBC One at 7pm.

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