Belfast Telegraph Voice needs a superstar has said The Voice will not be a success if it does not find a "superstar".

Last year's winner Leanne Mitchell has proved a flop in the charts so far, with her debut album failing to make the top 100 despite her winning the BBC show.

And Voice coach Will appeared to be having a dig at the Welsh singer when he tweeted during this year's semi-final at the weekend: "We have to have a superstar this year... a super star needs to come from this show or this show didn't succeed... we need the people help.

"We need to find and define the next big superstar from this show...#vote."

The Black Eyed Peas star also had to apologise during Saturday's show, after swearing live on air.

While praising contestant Cleo Higgins's performance, he told her: "To have to go through the public and see things on iTunes - that s*** - that stuff is really hard to swallow."

Will quickly added: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, bleep it out - too late," as fellow judges Jessie J and Sir Tom Jones laughed nervously.

According to The Sun, Will has been given another warning by TV bosses about not swearing on the family show.


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