Belfast Telegraph warns of 'cruel joke' if Donald Trump wins White House race has said the prospect of Donald Trump being elected as US president felt like a "cruel joke" to Americans looking for leadership following a series of high-profile shootings.

The singer said he feared what would happen if Mr Trump was elected to run America.

He suggested he would be backing Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, who he said had shown she cared about education, as he spoke at the T3 magazine Awards in central London on Wednesday.

The Black Eyed Peas star said people a ffected by recent violence, including shootings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Charlotte, North Carolina, would be looking to the candidates for "help".

He told the Press Association that those watching the presidential debates would question if Mr Trump was serious.

"Is somebody playing a cruel joke on me right now, this is the person who is potentially going to run the Free World?"

The American singer, who was named T3's tech personality of the year at the awards, said he could not believe the political battle between Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton was being played out in the US.

Referring to Mr Trump, he added: "Why is he even there? It's scary. So, so frightening."

The presidential candidates have clashed on gun control policy during the campaign.

Mrs Clinton has called for tighter restrictions on the sale of guns, while Mr Trump has said that if more "good guys" were armed there would be fewer shooting tragedies.

The US will go to the polls to vote on November 8.


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