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Willis on her Big Brother terrors

Emma Willis has admitted she's terrified about presenting Big Brother.

The 37-year-old has replaced Brian Dowling as the new host, and will be fronting series 14 which starts later this month on Channel 5.

The Big Brother's Bit On The Side star said although it was a "dream" job "I still had to think about it though, because there were varying factors".

She said of replacing Brian: "We know each other and get on well. That's always difficult."

But Emma said: "I would have been stupid to turn it down, and now I'm s****ing myself!

"It's terrifying. I can't wait to get started but then another part of me is going, 'Oh no!'

"We can get away with quite a lot on Bit On The Side. But with the main show, we have to be really in control. It's slightly more serious and we can't swear. It's a bigger responsibility."

She added: "Davina will always be the queen, and no one will ever do it better than her. I think Brian stepped into it really well considering he followed someone like Davina. Now it's my turn and I don't want to be the one who drops the ball!" she said.

:: Big Brother: Secrets And Lies starts on Channel 5 on Thursday, June 13.


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