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Wilson: I didn't date Johnny Depp

Ruth Wilson has dismissed rumours she dated Johnny Depp - saying she only talked to him once on the set of The Lone Ranger.

The pair were said to have become an item while filming last year's movie, which starred Johnny as Native American warrior Tonto.

British actress Ruth, who recently won a Golden Globe for her role in TV drama The Affair, told The Edit that she had given one of the reports pride of place on her wall.

She told Net-A-Porter's weekly online luxury fashion magazine: " I have [the Us Weekly story] hanging up at home.

"I was like, 'This is brilliant. If only they knew I talked to him once on set'."

The star also complained that actresses were treated unfairly when filming sex scenes.

"I have a big concern about how women are treated in the industry generally... It's assumed that women will get their breasts out, and have to get their breasts out, and I baulk at that. It's unnecessary and it's unfair," she said.

Ruth, who is making her Broadway debut opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the play Constellations, discussed filming sex scenes with Dominic West in US series The Affair.

"They can't be purely titillation," she said of the scenes. "So for Dominic and myself, every time it came up we asked, 'Do we need this? What are we saying with it?

"And how can we choreograph it so that it has something to say, so that we can act within it?'."

She added: "There should be a male orgasm face. Why is it always the woman who's orgasming?... It's hard to make good sex scenes work - there are so many c**p ones out there."

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