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Winkleman's kids in Strictly limbo

Claudia Winkleman has revealed her kids don't ever find out who gets voted off Strictly Come Dancing - because she won't let them watch the Sunday night results show.

The TV presenter and mother-of-three confessed she hates watching herself on TV, so her kids aren't allowed to watch the Sunday night results show she presents with Tess Daly.

Claudia said: "I never watch myself on television. Hilariously my children and I watch the Saturday night show obsessively and then they never know who goes out.

"They don't really know what I do on the show, they just know Mummy goes to work on Strictly at the weekends."

Claudia and Tess are looking forward to going to Blackpool again for the Tower Ballroom special, and revealed they have got carried away with the partying before.

Claudia revealed: "We have the best time, I eat more fried food than I know what to do with.

"One night we stayed in a hotel and I remember eating chips, laughing and drinking at the bar with Tess and Pamela Stephenson until someone had to come up and say, 'Oi! Go to bed!'."

Tess added: "We make the most of it, it's barm cakes and sticks of rock all round!"


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