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Winkler to star in TV adaptation

Henry Winkler - famed for his role as The Fonz - is to star in a new BBC children's show, based on the books he created to help youngsters with dyslexia.

The 67-year-old, who appeared in 1970s teen hit Happy Days, will feature in the CBBC adaptation of his Hank Zipzer books, based on his own experiences of dealing with the condition.

Henry will star as a teacher in the series of 13 half-hour episodes which will be screened next year on the channel.

Executive producer Sue Nott said: "The stories are inspired by the true life experiences of Henry Winkler and how he felt growing up with dyslexia.

"At CBBC, we try to reflect the lives of children back at them and Hank Zipzer shows that achievement comes in all shapes and sizes - and it's set to be very funny too."

In the books, 12-year-old under-achiever Hank gets into a series of scrapes and adventures, partly due to his difficulties with words.

Winkler became a massive star around the world on the back of his role as Arthur "Fonz" Fonzerelli, known for his slicked back hair, leather jacket and his catchphrase "aaaaayyyyy".


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