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Winona Ryder didn’t audition for 17 years

Winona Ryder hadn’t auditioned for a role in 17 years when she was asked to try out for a role in The Dilemma.

The actress plays Geneva, a woman accused of adultery by her husband’s best friend, in the new romantic comedy. She loved the character and didn’t mind being asked to read for the part by the film’s director Ron Howard.

Winona understood it was important for her to work well with the movie’s star Vince Vaughn – who plays the man who discovers his best friend’s wife is having an affair – as they share so many scenes.

“I hadn’t auditioned for a film in over 17 years or something when this came along and I think they really needed to see the chemistry between Vince and I because most of my scenes are with him. And he is the most fantastic actor but he does a lot of improvising,” she explained in an interview with the BBC. “But they made it so it was like, ‘Why don’t you come in and we can play around with the scene,’ so I didn’t have that pressure of an audition. The way that Howard and Vince treated me and the way we just started reading through the scenes was so easy and comfortable, they took away all of my fear.”

Winona has enjoyed a lengthy career and has starred in movies including Edward Scissorhands, Heathers and Girl, Interrupted. The 39-year-old star can currently be seen in The Dilemma and also Black Swan, prompting many critics to claim she is making a Hollywood comeback.

However, Winona doesn’t understand why people are saying this, insisting she has only ever briefly had a break from acting. She believes taking time away from her career is important because it helps to make her a better actress.

“I have been hearing that a lot,” she replied when asked about people saying she is making a comeback. “It’s a little odd because I have been making movies for over 25 years and I did take a break and did other things I was really interested in and explored other things. Also I think that its important when you are an actor and you are working a lot that you do take breaks and get back into the reality of what it’s like to live in the world because then you get more tools to bring to your acting.”

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