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Winslet is Wood's 'nude coach'

Kate Winslet has been guiding Mildred Pierce co-star Evan Rachel Wood through her nude scenes.

The British actress, who has stripped off on screen before, plays Evan's on-screen mum and the title character in the TV mini-series, and couldn't resist showing off her maternal instincts to help the 23-year-old with her first full-frontal shot.

"She coached me through my first nude scene, I mean, she's done it all - she was literally next to the camera going [thumbs-up]," Evan told E! Online.

Kate added: "(I was) helping her to fully acknowledge the weight of that within the story, and also just talking to her about how to find a level of confidence.

"You keep the room as empty as possible and just kind of being there for her, really, and letting her know there was someone to hold her hand and throw a robe over her at the right moment... made her feel better."

Despite being no stranger to baring all on screen, Kate revealed she still isn't comfortable with it.

"It is really strange, nudity. I know I've done it many, many times now, but you never really get used to it. You don't!," said the mother-of-two.


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