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Winslet 'soldiering on' post-Mendes


Kate Winslet has opened up about her marriage split

Kate Winslet has opened up about her marriage split

Kate Winslet has opened up about her marriage split

Kate Winslet has revealed she's "soldiering on" after her divorce from Sam Mendes, but feels she is at the start of a "new narrative".

The Oscar-winning starlet, who split from the filmmaker last year after seven years of marriage, admitted she preferred to forge on ahead with her two children and keep a rein on her emotions.

"As a woman, especially when you have children, one gets so good at soldiering on - almost too good. I probably had very few moments of allowing that sadness to emerge," she told Harper's Bazaar.

"I kept pushing it away, not even really sharing it a huge amount with friends. Because you know what it's like, as soon as you open that can of worms, it's so f****** big, you wish you'd never taken the goddamn lid off," added the 35-year-old.

Kate - who was previously married to director Jim Threapleton - hopes her children, two-year-old son Joe and 10-year-old Mia, will not be too affected by the split.

"There's no way that I'm going to allow my children to be f***** up because my marriages haven't worked out," she continued.

"I so wish that that wasn't the case - that that hadn't happened in my life. But it has, so I will make the best of it - and I am."

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The couple plan to raise Joe together, as Kate added: "We're grown-ups at the end of the day... We have a child together who we both love - and raising him together, jointly and without any conflict, is absolutely key."

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