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Winston McKenzie is already divisive in CBB house

Former Ukip spokesman Winston McKenzie has already divided the Big Brother house with remarks about his political views.

Outside the Big Brother house, McKenzie immediately caused a row about homophobic comments aired during the Tuesday evening launch show.

And once inside the house, it was not long before the other contestants asked him to explain his viewpoint.

London mayoral candidate McKenzie said: " I don't work with the system. I'm off the wall ... Nobody's saying we don't want immigration. All that people are saying is, control it. Get sensible. Control the situation."

American producer David Gest told him: "I like you, I respect you, that's the truth ... We'll continue this. This will be continued. We've got a while here."

He also managed to name-drop the people he has worked with in his career, telling McKenzie: " I live my life in soul music. You may know nothing about me, I handled Al Green, Rufus Thomas, Carla Thomas.

"In Memphis I wanted to do a project. The mayor never took the suggestion that if every kid read a book, I would put on a concert with Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston."

In another room, Jonathan Cheban told his fellow housemates: "By the way, just so you know, I don't survive conversations like that. I get up and go.

"I can't pretend ... I literally would be like, Winston, I can't even listen to this crap. I've gotta go. I just don't want to hear - I can't pretend to fake a conversation. I'm just not interested."

During Tuesday's launch show, McKenzie had said he would "cope with a homosexual in the house" by "standing against a brick wall all the time".

Meanwhile, in a surprise twist, Danniella Westbrook was required to pick a Big Brother housemate who would join John Partridge and Darren Day in the "box", where they had been sent to spend their first evening.

But like Partridge, the former EastEnders actress chose to volunteer herself for the task.

She explained that she would have felt guilty to send anyone else.

Once there and bedding down for the night on the floor, the trio discussed their past addictions.

Westbrook, who has previously revealed that she started taking cocaine from the age of 14, said: "For me, this is the ideal opportunity to come here and go, do you know what, I'm done anyway. Just come in here and just have a nice time, just have a good time."

Reflecting on the nature of addiction, she said: "You'll never have a relationship with any person, job - you can't have a relationship with anything when you have a relationship with that. You can't. It's impossible."

West End actor Day agreed, talking about his binges and the times he had gone off the rails.

Earlier in the evening, Angie Bowie accused her ex-husband David Bowie of turning their son against her.

The two have one son, Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones, 44, but Bowie told Gest that her son does not speak to her.

She said: "I don't see him at all. He doesn't like me. But my daughter loves me so it's good."

On the question of why her son chose not to see her, she said: "I guess David told him not to."

However, she said she was happy with her other daughter by punk musician Drew Blood, Stacia: "She is a good egg".

Gest claimed that he and ex-wife Liza Minelli were not able to conceive but that they were looking to adopt, adding: "But it was better that it never happened."


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