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Worsley signed Strictly pre-nup

TV historian Lucy Worsley has revealed she signed a pre-nuptial agreement never to take part in Strictly Come Dancing.

The 40-year-old writer and presenter has found a pre-nup loophole in the form of new BBC Four series Dancing Cheek To Cheek: An Intimate History Of Dance, which she co-hosts with Strictly's head judge Len Goodman.

But Lucy revealed: "When I got married three years ago, my husband (architect Mark Hines), who's a very wise man, made me sign a contract saying I would never be on Strictly Come Dancing.

"Partly because they always run off with their professional dance partner, and partly because he thought it would be really bad for me - I love sequins and showing off a bit too much already..."

In the three-part show - dubbed History Come Dancing - Lucy and Len explore popular dances from the 17th century to just before the Second World War.

They also perform a dance at the end of each episode in a historic location, starting with the notoriously tricky minuet. The pair dressed in full 18th-century costume, with Lucy donning a posture-enforcing dress and Len in heels and a wig, for their performance in a packed Georgian ballroom.

Len confessed: "I got a taste of my own medicine and thank heavens they didn't have the [Strictly] paddles, because I would probably have only got a four.

"It was the most difficult dance I've ever learnt in my whole life. It was so alien to everything we do in ballroom and Latin American. I was supposed to be there leading Lucy around the floor, but I think on that dance, Lucy had learnt it better than me. It was jolly good fun though - and I enjoyed the dressing up."

:: Dancing Cheek To Cheek begins on BBC Four on Monday, November 17.


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