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Wossy wants Brangelina on sofa

Jonathan Ross has revealed he'd love to get Hollywood's super couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on his TV show.

With the new series of The Jonathan Ross Show beginning on ITV1, the chat show host admitted he's already on the case, saying: "I'm working on Brad because I've got friends who are friends of his."

Other names on the wishlist include fellow Sachsgate friend Russell Brand and his wife Katy Perry, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and Jack Nicholson.

"Mike Tyson would be fascinating and I'd love to interview Jack Nicholson, but he doesn't do TV shows. I've never interviewed Dame Judi Dench, so I'd love to, and also Maggie Smith," he said.

With a career spanning almost 25 years, Jonathan's career highlights include interviewing John Malkovich and Sly Stallone.

"Oddly, some people who you don't expect to be good fun turn out to be, like John Malkovich. I expected him to be very highbrow and quite serious about what he does, but in actual fact he was delightfully silly and relaxed," he recalled.

Helen Mirren gets a special mention: "She's great and is coming on the show again. And I also love Hugh Jackman, who's coming back on.

"The only problem with having Hugh on is that I know he feels inferior to me physically, in terms of looks, so I've decided to let myself go a little bit, in order to make him feel more at ease," he joked.

:: The Jonathan Ross Show begins on ITV1 on September 3.


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