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Would you Beliebe it! Justin wears a fan's hat ... all way from Belfast

BY Amanda Poole

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has a favourite new hat – and it came all the way from Northern Ireland.

The world famous popstar was this week photographed in London wearing a distinctive yellow baseball cap, which was customised in China for Belfast designer Lisa McBride.

The singer came to be wearing the headgear after it was given to him by Lisa's young cousin, Abbey-Leigh Herron.

The 12-year-old from Portadown presented the singer with a yellow and black version of the Street Urchin headwear when she was lucky enough to meet him on February 17 at his gig in the O2 Dublin.

Then the young 'Belieber' – the name given to Beiber's millions of dedicated fans – couldn't believe her eyes when a friend sent her a photograph of the singer sporting the studded hat while partying in London.

The international singing sensation, known for his flamboyant dress sense, also posted a picture to his 7m Instagram followers, saying he will wear the black one soon.

When he was "chillin' in London" on Wednesday with best friend Ryan Butler he said: "Ryan said you won't go out in that. I said watch me haha too colorful next time im gonna wear a black hat (sic).

"But a fan did get me this hat so I'm glad I wore it."

Abbey-Leigh's mother Nicola explained she had arranged the 'meet and greet' with Bieber, which cost a whopping £1,600, as a surprise for her daughter's birthday.

"She was starstruck and very emotional to meet him," Nicola said. "It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we brought two hats for him as a present.

"Then we got the message to say he had been wearing the hat.

"It's great for Lisa and Street Urchin that the picture of Justin wearing the hat has gone all over the world."

Indeed, Belfast-based Lisa, who has been a costume designer and worked in fashion for more than 15 years, is thrilled.

"I can't believe the reaction there has been to it," Lisa said.

"I am delighted he has been photographed wearing it.

"It's great to get the Street Urchin brand out there.

"I am always trying to find the next thing that will sell well.

"I will be at The Fashion Souk at Spires Shopping Centre in Belfast on Saturday selling the range."

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