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Wright: I never went on a date

Robin Wright has revealed she has never been on a date - until her fiance Ben Foster asked her out.

The House Of Cards star, who was previously married to Sean Penn, admitted she only experienced her first real date with Ben.

"That was the first date I had ever been on in my life. I had never been on a real date," she told LA Confidential.

"Generally, in this industry, you meet someone on a movie, and he becomes your boyfriend. I had [just] one boyfriend before I got married and had kids. I had never been asked on a date before."

The couple, who haven't set a date for their wedding, got closer on the set of cop drama Rampart, which Robin starred in alongside Woody Harrelson and Ice Cube and Ben produced.

"I met him years ago. I'd always loved his work. Then I was in a movie he produced called Rampart and he was on the set every day, since he was also an actor, so we became friends," she recalled.

"Cut to a year later when the movie comes out. We're at the premiere. We had already seen it, so he said, 'Do you want to go to the party early and hang out until the screening is over?' And that was it. We've been together ever since. Ben and I hung out at the premiere party, talking all night and having a great time.

"Finally he said, 'Would you like to go to a poetry reading with me tomorrow night?' I went. At the reading we were moved by the same lines, and all of a sudden, he took my hand, and I got that rush. Butterflies. I thought, I'm an old hag; I thought that was over."

Robin shrugged off the 14-year age difference between them.

"We just work. We're a great team. I'm 14 years older. Nobody blinks an eye when the man is 14 years older, but I'm a "cougar" because I'm with somebody younger," she said.

She continued: " His mother was so funny. She said, 'Are you kidding me?' about our age difference. Ben has always hung out with older people. He's more grown up than me in so many ways; he's an old soul."


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