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Writer keeps Who fans guessing

Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat has said he got who he "wanted" to play the timelord's new companion but stayed tight-lipped about their identity ahead of Wednesday's announcement.

He refused to "blow the gaff" on who will replace Karen Gillan and screen husband Arthur Darvill, who play Amy Pond and Rory, in the new series.

The new character - and the actor playing them - is expected to be unveiled at a press conference.

Speaking backstage at the Royal Television Society Awards in central London, he said: "You're going to get the new companion tomorrow so you've got that. I'm not going to blow the gaff on that the night before."

Karen and Arthur will be written out in what Moffat has described as a "heartbreaking" storyline.

The Scottish actress has had a starring role for two series and has become hugely popular, but she has faced criticism over her character's sexy demeanour. It is understood the decision for Karen to leave the show was mutual

Filming on the new series has started and Steven said it had "some of the best production values we've ever had".

He said: "I think everyone knows we've been out in Spain shooting a western with Matt Smith whose legs were made for a horse."

Steven said Matt "fancies himself as John Wayne but he's probably a little bit closer to Stan Laurel".


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