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Wyatt: Max could be model husband

Kimberly Wyatt has revealed she is giving herself three years to "do great things" before she focuses on starting a family.

The Got To Dance judge, who is dating model Max Rogers, admitted that turning 31 has brought a new-found maternal instinct.

"Your body starts to change, your nurturing mother side starts to call at you and your priorities feel a bit different," she said.

The former Pussycat Doll added: "I just want to do great things - and I've got three years of really grafting hard! The clock is ticking."

Kimberly, who met Max at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham in September 2011, has made no secret of the fact that she'd like to get married.

"I'd like to presume this is The One. I guess every girl can dream," she said.

"He's the greatest man. It's the chemistry that we share, great conversation, I find his views quite fascinating. And having a gorgeous man that makes me feel sexy does wonders."

She continued: "I'm a dreamer and he's a logical thinker, so through the conversations and connections we have, he makes me feel a bit more of reality and not drifting off into the stars. I think him being a model but still so humble and creative helps me stay grounded.

"I've really found someone I connect with and enjoy being with. It's helped me find that balance between business and pleasure and personal life. And he does make me laugh."

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