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X Factor hopeful wary of arrogance

X Factor hopeful Alejandro Fernandez-Holt has said he will be given a slap by his pals if TV fame goes to his head.

The 17-year-old college student, who is half Spanish, won over the judges and the audience with his passionate performance of the Enrique Iglesias ballad Hero at the first round of arena auditions.

The student insisted: "I'm trying to stay grounded as much as I can. Obviously my head will explode a little bit, but I think that's kind of understandable, being on national TV. But after a couple of days I'll be okay.

"My friends are the kind of people who will just give me a slap if they think I'm getting too big headed, so I think they'll keep me grounded."

At his first audition Alejandro told judge Nicole Scherzinger he thought she was "hot".

He confessed: "I was just as surprised that it came out as everyone else was. It didn't really process in my mind that I was saying that to Nicole Scherzinger, on TV. An afterwards I just though 'Oh God!' So I'm just glad that she took it well.

"But she tweeted me last night and it's crazy."

Alejandro has been performing with a theatre school since he was five years old and Gary Barlow was unimpressed by his initial audition, branding it too "theatre-land".

He said: "I guess it's fair enough, because I do agree to some extent and I tried too stop that for my second audition.

"I usually use a lot of vibrato and I hardly used any. Personally, I think it sounds better with vibrato, but I needed to get into Gary's good books, so I needed to show him I can develop."


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