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X Factor musical has go at Simon Cowell

X Factor boss Simon Cowell said he knows he will "get it in the neck" in the new musical based on the hit singing show.

The production, which is called I Can't Sing, is written by comic Harry Hill and tells the story of a young woman who lives in a caravan with a talking dog and finds fame on the talent show.

Speaking at a press launch in central London, he said: "I didn't want to do a musical which we took too seriously. The show is a serious show but it's also a fun show".

He added: "I get it in the neck throughout and it's constantly evolving this story".

Former EastEnders star Nigel Harman plays Simon and said he was studying the music mogul's behaviour for his character.

He said: "Obviously he's a very handsome man, so I'll be as handsome as I can be".

Harry, who joked the show was his "brainchild, not lovechild", said Simon had come to him with one demand.

He said: "He did ask 'please could there be a part for Sinitta', but you've got to draw the line somewhere".

The show, which stars Cynthia Erivo as the young hopeful and Alan Morrissey as an environmental campaigner and young plumber trying to find fame, opens at the London Palladium in March.

It includes digs at stars include Geri Halliwell and James Blunt and lyrics about hopefuls who want to be "like George Michael with better parking, like Robbie Williams but not as barking".


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