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X Factor Sophie loses sing-off

Sophie Habibis's dream of stardom has been shattered as she was booted off the X Factor.

The 19-year-old's exit was decided by her own mentor Kelly Rowland after she was forced sing for survival against Misha B.

Sophie's rendition of the XX's track Shelter was not enough to ensure her survival.

On Saturday, her performance of Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang was dubbed "dull as dishwater" by judge Gary Barlow on the Halloween themed version of the ITV1 contest.

Speaking over the phone in a croaky voice, Kelly - who fell ill while in America and was unable to fly back to the UK for this week's episodes of the ITV1 contest - said she had to send Sophie home because Misha Bryan "wanted it more".

She said: "This is so hard because I know how bad both of you guys want this. But I see how bad one of you wants this more than the other and I have to be completely honest. The act I am sending home is Sophie."

The Destiny's Child star was forced to stay in Los Angeles after being diagnosed with a viral throat infection which prevented her from flying.

The rest of the judges were unanimous in wanting to send home Sophie. Louis Walsh said: "I am going to save the person who I think has got star quality the person who I think could go forward and be a star."

Panellist Tulisa Contostavlos, who had rowed with Kelly accusing Misha of being "mean" to other contestants, added: "Misha, we have had our issues and last night we talked and we dealt with them and me and you are cool now... I have to go with the person who I think I can most relate to musically. The person that represents the music from my roots."


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