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X Factor 'was for house extension'

Former X Factor winner Sam Bailey has joked she only entered the show so she could have building work done on her house.

Appearing as a guest on Loose Women, she said: " I'm currently living with family because I'm having an extension on the house and we're living in a bedroom of my sister-in-law's house with two sets of bunk beds and a cot in one room.

"It's been fun but I'm now ready to have my house because it's being built.

"I only went on the X Factor to get an extension on the house.

"Honestly, all I wanted was a bit of exposure so I can get more gigs and more money and then, next thing you know it's happening."

Bailey said she will move back into her house next month.

"My sister-in-law and brother have been brilliant for putting us up, we've all had so much fun."

The star also recently announced she will be doing a one-off concert in the West End in October.

Her song Skyscraper hit the Christmas number one in 2013.

Bailey worked as a prison guard before winning the singing contest.

Bailey also revealed she spent two years of her life pretending she was a boy.

She made the comments while joining in the Loose Women panel discussion about nine-year-old Joseph Hughes from Wales, who has gender confusion and is set to return to school as a female.

Bailey told the panel: " I wanted to play football when I was young, I had long hair and there was a boy's football team, and they said 'you can't play because you're a girl'.

"They said 'the only way you can play for us is if you cut all your hair off', so I went home and got a pair of scissors and cut my hair off.

"I had curtains and I went out as a boy. I used to climb trees and I didn't want to do anything girlie.

"I did this for a long time. I played (football) for two years and they didn't know, no-one knew I was a boy."

She also spoke about having to wait until everyone else has gone home in the changing rooms.

"Then I had to go in and get changed afterwards. I was top scorer for the club!"


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