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You can sleep around, I've gone off sex - Saira Khan tells hubby

Saira Khan has admitted that she told her husband he could sleep with other women because she has lost her sex drive.

The former Apprentice contestant made the revelation on ITV's Loose Women on Wednesday.

Khan, 46, a panellist on the show, said she was so tired she had lost interest in sex, despite still being in love with her husband.

The panel, featuring Coleen Nolan, Ruth Langsford and Jane Moore, was discussing whether couples should always have sex on their wedding night.

Khan said: "I feel a bit embarrassed and a bit strange talking about this. I'm 46, I've got a busy life, I've got two kids and I'm very lucky to have all of that in my life. And I've had, in my younger days, a fantastic sexual life.

"But recently I feel like - I love my husband, he's the most amazing man in the world, 11 years I've been married to him - but lately I just find I'm not interested. I just don't want to do it."

She said she found herself making excuses about being tired to avoid the issue.

Before joking that her husband would kill her for bringing the topic up on national television, she said: "I've got to that stage where I actually said to my husband - you're going to be really shocked that I said this - I said, 'Look I'm just not in that place, if you really want to just go with somebody else'.

"I just want to make him happy."

Although her fellow presenters did not say they had taken the same measures, Langsford, who is married to Sky News presenter Eamonn Holmes, said she thought it was easy for people who had been married a long time to stop making an effort for each other.

Referencing the many sympathetic tweets she had received, Khan tweeted after the show: "Thank you for all your lovely, lovely messages today regarding the sex topic @Loosewomen - I really appreciate it !! Xx"

She later added: "Wow ladies - so many of you out there feel like me I'm not alone."


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