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YouTuber KSI brushes off criticism: I’ve had the worst of the worst already

Internet celebrities KSI and Logan Paul faced off in a boxing match at the weekend, although it ended in a draw.

YouTuber KSI brushes off criticism: I’ve had the worst of the worst already (Ian West/PA)
YouTuber KSI brushes off criticism: I’ve had the worst of the worst already (Ian West/PA)

British YouTube star KSI has said he would like a rematch against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul in May next year.

He also brushed off criticism from BBC Radio 5’s Stephen Nolan at the weekend after the sports presenter labelled KSI and Paul “irritating young dimwits”.

The amateur boxing match between the two internet personalities on Saturday, labelled the “the biggest thing that’s ever happened on YouTube”, ended in a “majority draw” after six rounds.

Talking to Radio 5 Live, KSI said he was “baffled” and that he was “sure” he had won.

He said he wants a rematch to happen in “early summer, so like May” next year, because he wants to enjoy the rest of the year and “not worry too much about training”.

KSI added: “I guess it’s going to happen in America, I think New York would make the most sense. I wouldn’t want it to be Vegas or LA, because I doubt most of my audience would be able to stay up that late to watch the fight.”

The rematch is currently slated to take place in February.

Asked about the negative comment from Nolan, KSI said: “Fair play, you can say what you want really, I don’t care. I’ve been doing YouTube for so long, so I’ve had everything from the worst of the worst.

“I guess more people are just interested because of our audience. We have such large audiences, Logan has a huge audience, I have a huge audience, and it’s essentially us colliding and there being one winner … the funny thing is, there wasn’t.”

KSI, real name Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji, has 4.5 million followers on Twitter and 19.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

American internet star and actor Paul, who faced controversy after he posted a video which showed the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan, has 4.8 million Twitter followers.

His YouTube channel has 18.3 million subscribers.

The pay-per-view fight, held at the Manchester Arena, cost fans in the UK £7.50 to stream on the video platform, and it has been reported that more than six million people tuned in to watch the event globally.

KSI, who technically stays the champion, said he thinks people were interested in watching because “it’s quite intriguing to see someone who isn’t a boxer train like a boxer and then have people fight.”

He added: “It’s quite cool and people can get inspired by that more than people who have been training their whole life and then you just watch them fight and you’re like ‘I know they’ll be good’.

“With us, it was kind of unpredictable and I guess that’s quite entertaining for quite a lot of people.”

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