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Zara Holland denies claims she was 'aggressive' on Loose Women

Kady McDermott praised her fellow Love Islander Zara Holland for conducting herself so well during a lively interview on Loose Women on Thursday (18Aug16).

Zara Holland has blasted reports that she was removed from the ITV studios following a lively interview on Loose Women.

The beauty pageant star featured on the lunchtime panel show on Thursday (18Aug16) to discuss her appearance on ITV2's Love Island and the Miss Great Britain organisation's decision to strip her of her title after she had sex on the reality show.

Zara was somewhat blindsided when her replacement Miss GB, Deone Robertson, made her way onto the set in her full crown and sash to defend the blonde being stripped of her crown.

"She didn't win the competition and she doesn't deserve it," Zara said of Deone. "I stand up for women and if it was me, I wouldn't have taken it."

But Deone insisted: "If I didn't take it, someone else would have and this is my dream too. You gave it up. You made the choice. Zara worked really hard to win and she did lots of charity work. But if you can't fulfil your role, it does say in the rules that it goes to the runner-up."

The Sun claims that following the show, Zara and Deone were involved in an explosive war of words which resulted in the reality star being removed from the studios.

However, Zara was quick to take to her social media to set the record straight, writing: "I was not aggressive or escorted of (sic) the premises from ITV! 'According to a source for the sun' never heard such lies in all my life! Ask anyone at ITV! Anyway, moving onwards, thank you for all your amazing comments and support."

She then retweeted a message from ITV security guard Sean Dobson, who wrote: "Lmao (laugh my a*se off) I can safely say that this never happened."

Zara’s Loose Women interview divided opinions, with some saying she needed to own up to what she had done and realise that having sex with Alex Bowen on the island would result in her crown being taken away. Others praised Zara for conducting herself so well during the chat, with her fellow islander Kady McDermott tweeting: "My little polly pocket you held yourself so well on loose women you should be so proud of yourself because I am! Love you."

Zara replied: "Thanks baby girl, love ya (sic)."

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