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Zoe Hardman expecting first baby in September, has 'never felt more beautiful'

TV presenter Zoe Hardman is pregnant with her first baby.

The Heart FM DJ and her rugby player boyfriend Paul Doran Jones will welcome their first child, which is due in September.

Hardman told Hello! magazine the news during an exclusive photoshoot and interview.

She said: "It's everything I could have hoped for times about 10.

"I'm watching my body change daily, which is weird and wonderful. I've never felt more beautiful, actually. I'm not thinking about the birth, I'm not thinking about getting the nursery ready, I'm literally just thinking, 'Today is such a magical day'."

The couple have been dating for just over a year and Jones recalled how he managed to win her over for a date.

He told Hello!: "She shunned me for the first few attempts but I finally got a date just over a year ago.

"And the rest is history. We haven't looked back. For me, I knew the minute I first saw her, but she just needed a little nudge."

Doran Jones has a three-year-old daughter, Isla, from a previous relationship and says she helped them realise they were ready to have a child.

He said: " My daughter's the best thing that's happened to me - we're so close. One of the amazing things about Zoe is how close she is with Isla, too. Seeing Zoe around my daughter just confirmed everything for me."

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