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It's Terry not so Christian as the spoken word proves big letdown

Terry Christian
Terry Christian


Outspoken TV presenter Terry Christian proved he had lost none of his edge yesterday when he brought his one-man show to Belfast.

Billed as 'stand-up', the provocatively titled Naked Confessions Of A Recovering Catholic was more of a rant, and often more tragic than comic.

Christian (right) took the stage dressed as a priest, sprinkling 'holy water' on the crowd, before proceeding to rail against the Catholic Church for an hour.

Despite some amusing turns of phrase, such as when he recalled his family having "the one thing money can't buy – poverty", this was largely grim stuff.

It was unclear whether his revelations about assaulting elderly nuns or spiking women's drinks were true, half-true or the fabrications of a warped mind.

But Christian's candour frequently silenced the audience, who, you sensed, might have preferred a string of snarky anecdotes about celebrity guests on The Word.

There was a little of that, but rambling stories about Whitney Houston and The Happy Mondays didn't deliver on their promise. If you're the ex-presenter of a show that featured Rod Hull and Emu attacking Snoop Dogg and female grunge band L7 dropping their knickers on live TV, we want to hear about it. Christian even messed up the punchline of a lengthy tale about how he had been sacked from an early gig on local radio.

But then, it became clear that spoken word isn't the man's calling; rather, "this f****** s***", as he put it, is something he does to pay the bills.

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