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My word! It's Terry Christian

Terry Christian will open up about his life
Terry Christian will open up about his life

By Grania McFadden

You remember Terry Christian – the geezer from The Word? Never short of a word or two himself... the last time most of us saw him on our TV screens he was sharing the Celebrity Big Brother house with Page 3 model Lucy Pinder, rap star Coolio and Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies.

What you may not know is that the Manchester talking head has Ireland coursing through his veins.

He was one of six children born to Irish parents – his father grew up in a one-room tenement in Dublin's Liberties, while his mother moved to Madchester when she was just four.

Her youngest brother was born in England, and forever afterwards was referred to by their mother as 'the English b*****d' when he did anything wrong.

Terry's start in life wasn't promising – outside loo, no phone, no fridge, free school dinners.

He left school and headed to the polytechnic, from where he was promptly kicked out. Then fate came knocking on the door...

Terry was one of a group of unemployed youth invited to take part in a TV series exploring the Scarman Report into the Brixton riots.

By the end of filming he'd been offered his own show on BBC Radio Derby.

He was sacked from the station for playing too much "obscure music", and began a second career as a music journalist on the Manchester Evening News, writing a page called The Word.

Before long he was co-presenting a TV show with the same title.

He says one of his guiding forces has been his Irish Catholic upbringing.

And he'll tell you all about it in his show, which will take OTL audiences on a romp through his troubled inner-city Manchester childhood.

Terry promises to bare (almost) all in the show, lifting the lid on Madchester, The Word, Hollywood stars who he has met, and Celebrity Big Brother in the process.

Can't wait to hear what he has to say about journalist Liz Jones!

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