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Traditional trailblazers Tucan superbly show their metal


Tucan have become a YouTube sensation

Tucan have become a YouTube sensation

Tucan have become a YouTube sensation

Co Sligo's Tucan are one of those bands that seem to defy categorisation.

Their set yesterday afternoon at the Out To Lunch festival touched on folk, jazz, funk, dance, classic rock and even speed metal.

A tune called Megabond exemplified the foursome's schizophrenic approach, melding Megadeth's Hangar 18 riffs to Monty Norman's James Bond theme.

Acoustic instruments, progressive arrangements and frontman Donal Gunne's dry wit were put to work on music that owed as much to Iron Maiden as to Irish traditional.

The skilled outfit also worked hits by Daft Punk and The Prodigy into a unique sound that has seen them become a YouTube sensation.

Guitar duo Gunne and Pearse Feeney played heads-down, fingers flying, while bassist Keith Kelly and drummer Paul Wehrly locked into a tight groove.

The audience were transfixed, and it was amusing to see a couple of older female punters, perhaps lured in by the folk elements, nodding their heads to Dave Mustaine licks.

As 2pm neared, Tucan appeared in no hurry to let people at this matinee show get back to work.

"You're going to be late," joked Gunne, before getting back to "hammering away at his guitar", as he put it.

But there was much more to it than brute force, and if Tucan make what they do look easy, it is surely anything but.

It's also clearly something they love to do, and this mix of talent and passion certainly won over some new fans yesterday.

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