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Playing a killer in The Fall made me question my ability to be a dad, reveals Dornan

By Aaron Tinney

Portraying a woman-hating serial killer made Jamie Dornan fear he was unfit to be a father, the actor has said.

And despite his success, the former model is still haunted by the doubt his acting career will not last.

Dornan made the admissions in an interview during which he gave an insight into how his portrayal of murderer Paul Spector in The Fall affected his family life.

The Holywood-born actor is now intent on giving his young family a blissful upbringing in the countryside, away from the celebrity spotlight. He said about playing killer Spector in the BBC drama: "There is a scene - a horrible scene - where I am washing a corpse in a bath. It was just so awful. I was washing this little girl's hair and Allan Cubitt, who created The Fall, came in and was like: 'You have never washed a little girl's hair before?' I was like: 'No, what am I doing wrong?'

"He said I was doing it really aggressively, and I was like: 'Maybe I'm not set up to be a father'."

Dornan had his first daughter Dulcie with wife Amelia Warner six months after the first series of The Fall aired.

In the interview with Cara magazine - Aer Lingus' in-flight publication - Dornan, despite being worth an estimated £2.3m, said he was so plagued by the thought that his acting career could end he has a back-up plan of becoming a sportsman.

The golf-loving actor, who played in this week's Pro-Am day of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open at Portstewart alongside fellow actor Jimmy Nesbitt, said: "I still cling to some belief that I am going to play sport professionally or something when the acting dries up."

He also said he had relied on his Irishness to go from Holywood to Hollywood.

Dornan added: "Being Irish is never any harm and it can open doors. People usually like Irish people. But obviously, you still have to prove yourself every time. It's a tough business but I'm always delighted to see any of my fellow Paddies doing well, and I think it's the same with them."

The spotlight is probably what has driven Dornan to shun the limelight and live a quiet bucolic life with his 34-year-old wife, three-year-old Dulcie, and his five-month-old girl, whose name the couple are still keeping secret.

He said of his family home in the Cotswolds: "We chose to live a really quiet life. We open our doors and there's just sheep and lambs, and that is the choice we made."

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