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Review: Dublin Gospel Choir, May Street Church, Belfast

Lively and joyful gospel group is a big-hitting crowd pleaser

The Dublin Gospel Choir might not be a typical act to appear at Electric Picnic but by no means are they an unpopular one.

Their regular slot is one of the must-see events and this year they were asked to give Mumford And Sons a private performance.

The audience at May Street Church in Belfast paid testament to this on Saturday night and there was hardly an empty seat in the house.

The boys appeared in black, while the girls wore traditional gospel robes of purple and yellow. Surprisingly, they got off to a relatively slow start with an unknown song.

The choir looked stiff and a little nervous — possibly because of nerves but, thankfully, this wasn’t the norm for the night. With hits such as Somebody To Lean On, Oh Happy Day and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough the choir loosened up and started to move.

The songs got livelier, the choir started to dance and the audience joined in.

They even threw in a few Irish songs but it was the big hits that pleased this crowd the most.

This is a fantastic group. They are well rehearsed, in unison and harmonious — exactly the way a good choir should be. Most, if not all, of the choristers gave a solo which showcased some fabulous voices.

The choice of venue was perhaps a little austere for such a joyful group, particularly on a Saturday night, but the audience certainly loved the show. Many were on their feet and everyone was clapping.


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