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Review: Kids prove hit in Broadway classic

Guys and Dolls at the Grand Opera House

By Andrew Johnston

The Grand Opera House's Summer Youth Project returned to the stage last night with the classic Guys And Dolls.

Now in its fourth year, the assembly of some of Northern Ireland's most promising young actors, singers and dancers once again proved a hit.

From the opening warning to switch off our phones because, "It's the 1950s; they haven't been invented yet," a smile was never too far from anyone's lips.

The youthful ensemble hit their marks, nailed the accents and fired out their lines like a stageful of living Tommy guns.

Campbell College lads Sam Jordan and Nathan Braniff took the lead roles of Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit, bringing the fast-talking New York City gamblers snazzily to life.

Ballyclare High's Kaitlyn Clarke and Emma Martin, of Sacred Heart in Newry, swapped their native accents for colourful 'Noo Yawk' drawls, as the quintessential gangster's moll Miss Adelaide and the good-living Sarah Brown.

The action zipped from Manhattan's Hot Box nightclub to Havana and back. The Summer Youth Theatre was back with a bang, and you can put money on the remaining two nights of this wonderful show being just as enjoyable.

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