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Swimwear season shouldn't hurt says supermodel Elizabeth Hurley

The British beauty has some top tips to help everyone get into shape

The actress-and-model has a range of beachwear, so she believes she is perfectly placed to impart some words of wisdom on summer dressing. Although she's known for her slim frame, Elizabeth isn't beyond feeling nervous when in her swimwear - so she's come up with ways to help with the nerves.

"Most women dread bikini season but there are a few things you can do to make it less painful," she assured Britain's Hello! magazine. "I feel better if I'm tanned so I anoint myself with a self-action tanner before braving the beach. You don't have to be skinny to look good but having the right cover-ups helps you feel more confident."

The star has just shot the promotional images for her new range, jetting to Marrakech to pose for the pictures around Christmas time. She took her 13-year-old son Damian with her as he was on a break from school at the time, and he's very interested in her career.

"We shot just after Christmas so he was still off school, which meant he could come with us. He took lots of backstage footage and stills. He's developing quite an eye. I persuaded him to be in a few shots," she said.

"It felt a bit strange initially to be shooting with a young man instead of a little boy. He's taller than me. One of his ambitions is to be able to kiss the top of my head. Not sure how I'll feel about that."

Fans of Elizabeth's range can expect a new collection packed with white pieces and colourful kaftans, with one-pieces and bikinis both featuring.

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