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The Fall star Jamie Dornan admitted he watched a woman on a train in preparation for killer role

By Rebecca Black

Co Down actor Jamie Dornan has admitted he watched a woman on a train in preparation for playing a serial killer in TV hit The Fall.

He told the RTE's Late Late Show that he wondered what it would be like to follow her off the train, but clarified that he didn't.

The Co Down heart throb - who went on to become a megastar playing the lead character Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy - said the moment happened as he prepared to play Paul Spector in The Fall.

When asked about reports that he stalked a woman in preparation for the role, he said the story was misreported.

"This is tricky, I got myself into trouble with this story ... I didn't follow through with it," he said.

"It was in London ... I observed someone on the Tube, I just thought I wonder what it would be like to follow her.

"A publication said I got off the train to follow her but I didn't."

Jamie also paid tribute to The Fall as being his big break, describing how his "professional landscape totally altered after doing it".

"Marie Antionette was the first job ... then I had a few barren years, I was in a band and doing a bit of modelling," he said.

"I was just glad I didn't work in an office.

"So things were going whatever way, then The Fall came along ... I had never been considered for a job like that ... a role of that scope."

Jamie appeared on The Late Late Show with Cillian Murphy to promote their new film Anthropoid in which they play exiled Czech soldiers during the Second World War who plot to kill top Nazi Reinhard Heydrich.

Cillian admitted his wife and him were big fans of The Fall and had "binge watched the whole thing".

The Co Cork born actor said who your co star was in a movie tended to be a "gamble" in terms of whether you get on with them, but said he and Jamie had struck up a strong friendship.

Jamie also said he was a "massive fan" of Cillian before they met.

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