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Aladdin comes out of the shadows

Aladdin, Indigo Moon Theatre Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast Today, 1pm

By Grania McFadden

This large scale shadow puppet theatre is suitable for children aged four and over, and tells the colourful tale from the Arabian Nights.

It's set in the Middle East: a place of enchantment and strange, mythical creatures. A poor street boy falls in love with a royal princess, and embarks on a wild and dangerous adventure as he strives to see her again. Performed with original music, the show promises magic and mystery. For more details, tel: 028 9024 2338.

Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries, Cahoots NI

Market Place Theatre, Armagh

Tomorrow, 11am

Who'd have thought a show about numbers could be such fun. Well, Cahoots NI - and this spectacular show combines maths, theatre and digital technology to create an interactive performance which reveals the magic of numbers.

Danny thought school and maths wasn't for him. He was more interested in becoming a famous magician. But when he began to learn all the tricks of the trade he realised that maths was the secret to a whole sackful of magic. For more details, tel: 028 3752 1821.

Che Guevera's Night Off,

Brassneck Theatre

Waterfront Hall, Belfast

Until tomorrow, 8pm

A plane has been fog-bound in the west of Ireland in this new comedy from Grimes and McKee. On board is the world's most wanted man - Che Guevara.

But there's a cow to be calved, a dance to organise, a motorbike to repair and a hint of romance to consider. There's revolution in the air as Che joins locals for a wild night's crack. Suitable for age 15 and over. For more details, tel: 028 9033 4455.

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