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Batman Live is a real Knight to remember

The word ‘spectacular' is bandied around a lot these days, but Batman Live is truly that.

The show, which began a four-night run at the Odyssey Arena last night, is a must for families, fanboys and casual followers alike.

If you are a kid, have kids or ever were a kid, you will love this superhero bonanza.

Opening night was packed, with the stage extending into the audience and Gotham City recreated before our eyes.

A unique mix of circus, play, musical and arena rock show, the production made stunning use of interactive video backdrops, with expertly choreographed acrobatics and a compelling storyline. Over two thrilling hours, Batman Live kept us guessing.

Is that Catwoman descending from the roof on a rope? Are those teeth, hair and eyes on the oversized Joker head moving?

Will Batman – the Dark Knight – and Robin beat the bad guys and save the day?

The show is less dark than the current movies, instead landing somewhere between the camp of the '60s TV series and the gothic splendour of the Tim Burton films. All the main villains made an appearance last night, with the Joker unsurprisingly stealing the show.

But there was also plenty of stage time for Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face and Harley Quinn.

And of course the sleek Batmobile and even sleeker Catwoman made sure the dads in the audience didn't drift off.

But with dazzling special effects, a cinematic score and original visuals created by DC Comics artist Jim Lee, that was never really on the cards.


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