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Belfast photography exhibition shows off close-up world of Northern Ireland's fauna and flora

Gallery shows nature on a big scale, writes John Mulgrew

They are stunning images which capture the minute and intricate close-up detail of some of Northern Ireland's most beautiful fauna and flora.

Whether it's a butterfly or rain droplet appearing hundreds of times its actual size, photographer Michael Kerr says he tries to focus on "just finding a great picture".

The Belfast snapper's latest work has gone on show at The John Hewitt bar in the city's Cathedral Quarter area - a haven for some of the region's up-and-coming artists.

His exhibition - 'The State of Things' - features a series of images shot across Northern Ireland using macro photography.

The technique offers the chance to produce extraordinary and forensic images of some of the world's smallest things - replicated larger than life size.

Speaking at the launch of the exhibition, Michael said he hoped his photographs would "challenge people to look differently at the interesting world on their doorstep".

"Macro photography is often very scientific but my focus is always finding a great picture," he said.

"I really enjoy getting close with the camera to the little things most of us don't even notice day-to-day.

"I love to find the detail in familiar things."

'The State of Things' exhibition runs until the end of March.

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