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Belfast’s dancing to different tunes


Danish Dance Theatre

Danish Dance Theatre

Photo © Sakari Viika

Danish Dance Theatre

Grand Opera House, Belfast, Tuesday, February 15, 7.45pm

This show is something of a bold new direction for the Grand Opera House, as it brings the oft-misunderstood world of contemporary dance to its stage in a big way.

UK-born choreographer Tim Rushton takes the helm for this visually stunning evening of entertainment. He has produced three very different pieces — from the classical lines of ballet to the energy of modern dance — for this triple bill from one of Europe's most highly regarded dance troupes.

Enigma (above) layers several powerful and sensual duets to the music of Mathias Friis-Hansen, as dancers strive to crack the code between them, and find a deeper understanding.

CaDance is a splendid battle between five male dancers, accompanied by two drummers. Like exotic birds, they strut and pose and challenge each other, waiting for the moment to attack.

Finally, Kridt (the word means ‘chalk’) is based on Peteris Vasks' suite, Misica Adventus. A man lying on his deathbed remembers his loves and losses, as the past comes up to meet him. The piece won the most acclaimed Danish Theatre award when it was first performed, and has been described as ‘exquisite’ and ‘beautiful’, although words are extraneous in the world of dance.

For tickets and further details tel: 028 9024 1919 or visit www.goh.co.uk

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