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Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival: A brilliant birthday bash, Oh Yeah

They're getting the birthday balloons out in the Oh Yeah studio, which will be celebrating its fifth birthday during the CQAF.

It’ll be a day of free music and celebration, led by co-founder Stuart Bailie (right). The venue was, of course, first launched during the festival of 2007, and has become an integral part of the Cathedral Quarter landscape. Let the singing commence ...

Which festival show offers pictures of maggot-racing in Moscow, mobilography in Siberia and voodoo in Haiti? And gathers together 90,000 messages, and quotes celebs like Pete Doherty, Banksy and Gavin Turk? Or features other well-known figures like Tony Benn, Irvine Welsh and Mark Thomas? Ha! Not telling. Might text you with the answer, though ...

This year, festival-goers can sate their appetites, both physical and mental, at the special Studio 37 Supper Club. But what is it? Think of a New York-style loft space. Here in Belfast (it used to be an artist’s studio). Add a table, 16 strangers, fine wines, delicious foods and a taster menu of festival entertainment. That’s it. Over three nights, some of Belfast’s most unusual entertainers and artists will cook up a performance. Beats fast food, eh?

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