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Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival: Wacky world of Festival of Fools

By Matthew McCreary

If the highbrow world of theatre, drama and music wasn’t enough to keep you entertained, there will be plenty at the other end of the silliness spectrum for audiences this year, as the Festival of Fools once again dons its silly wig and oversized shoes for a long weekend of fun.

The sister event to the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival will be bringing its usual array of weird, wonderful and wacky acts to the streets of Belfast from today until next Monday.

Among the highlights will be singing cats, a man with a clay head, the bendiest boy in the business, several award-winning clowns, acrobats from Australia and slapstick hip-hop.

The Festival opens this evening with the spectacular Journey To The Land Of Giants, an epic tale taking in Finn McCool, the Titanic and Samson & Goliath by way of an action packed journey featuring acrobatics, aerial trickery, live music and library monkeys.

The show offers a fascinating glimpse into some of the themes which will appear in the Land Of Giants festival, which will be taking place on the Titanic Slipway next month as part of the London 2012 Festival.

The acts who will be visiting Belfast throughout the festival include the sensational Mooky Cornish, who has worked with such stellar shows as Cirque du Soleil and La Clique, the eccentric trick cycling from Cirque de Sally.

Events will be taking place at various times in Cornmarket, Rosemary Street, Fountain Street, Arthur Street, the City Hall Lawns, Cotton Court and Saint Anne’s Square.

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