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Dirty Dancing: Fans crazy about Patrick Swayze have real ball at show

By Claire Williamson

They were definitely out to have the time of their lives. Nobody was putting baby in the corner last night as hundreds flocked to see the hit show Dirty Dancing light up the Grand Opera house.

It's the coming of age story of the teenage girl who, while on holiday with her parents, finds herself caught up in a world of romance and, of course, dance.

The 1987 movie was an instant hit and now the record-breaking stage show is following its lead.

Self-confessed super-fans Ciara Magennis (34) and Sharon McCullough (26) from Killyleagh spent the day getting ready to dance and arrived in style with Dirty Dancing T-shirts and leg-warmers.

Ciara said: "We are obsessed with the show. We can't wait to dance and sing along, we know all the words. You couldn't count how many times we have watched the movie, at least a thousand."

Guided by the huge pink poster for the show, the fans kept coming.

Among them were Elise Baas (20) and Hannah McCormack (20), who couldn't wait to see it.

Elise said: "I love the soundtrack and it was a such a good film. Hungry Eyes is my favourite song, the best line is probably 'I carried a watermelon'."

As the excitement built, there was one dance move on everyone's mind, the famous lift.

Among the devoted were Sarah McConville and Christopher Ferran, both aged 20.

Sarah said: "I can't wait for the end when he lifts her up."

Christopher added: "I actually am excited to see it as well."

Margo Carberry from Ballymena was there with her three friends on a girls' night out. She said: "It's a big girls' night out, we are so excited. It's our most favourite movie ever and we can't wait to see it tonight on the stage, especially the lift at the end." Julie Spence and her five friends said they were ready to sing the night away to the soundtrack of hits.

"It's a good girly film which we've all watched on repeat.

"We know all the words and we have our singing voices ready."

There were a lot of ladies looking forward to seeing the leading man Johnny, made famous by Patrick Swayze, dance across the stage.

Roslynn Irwin (45) and Diane Hooks (47) from Belfast got their tickets when they were released and were right at the front of the theatre.

Roslynn said: "We have been waiting a while for the show to come around, but it's worth it.

"I can't wait to see what Johnny looks like in it; he won't be the same as Patrick Swayze, he was amazing."

Sian (21) and Seaneen McCloskey (30) from Toome said: "We are here on a sisters' night out. I'm looking forward to seeing what Johnny looks like in it."

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